CoBank Corporate Headquarters & Data Center

Denver, CO

CoBank recently broke ground on the new 11-story Headquarters dubbed CoBank Center. The tower, to be built in the Denver Tech Center by Shea Properties, includes 296,000 SF of office space and ground-floor retail. CoBank will lease the building and occupy 10 of 11 floors. CoBank is one of four banks of the $247 billion Farm Credit System, a federally chartered network of borrower-owned lending institutions. CoBank finances food, agribusiness, energy, communications, water, and wastewater industries. CoBank is currently relocating their headquarters in the south Suburban Denver, Colorado market.

The new CoBank Center is a Class A, build-to-suit office complex with a 6-level pre-cast parking structure. The headquarters also includes a 600 SF Network operations center, data center, and MDF and IDF closets. The new headquarters is designed with LEED Silver certification intent.

Data Center

In support of the CoBank migration project the DCP provided the following services: a detailed review of the MEP construction documents for the new data center, assessment and inventory of the existing MEP and IT infrastructure at the existing data center location, new data center Single Point Of Failure review and analysis, data center infrastructure design decision recommendations, pre-move data center readiness evaluation and data center operations policy and procedure evaluation.

Technology Move

EDI was the consultant for the CoBank Technology Move. We began by meeting with the owner’s staff to determine what IT related equipment (PC desktops, printer, phones, monitors, etc.) would be required for the Project and coordinate with the IT department.
These meetings dealt with:

  • Inventory planning, printer and specialty printer planning
  • Special cases inventory and planning
  • Employee and C-Level move planning
  • Develop an IT work plan/schedule with key dates and milestones for move, installation, and testing of equipment in the Project
  • Modify technology floor plan to show physical locations of printers, fax machines, PC’s, phones to be relocated
  • Coordination of the number of total data ports required
  • Delivering a patching schedule identifying each port on each switch and corresponding port on the patch panel
  • Reroute then relocate corporate mail
  • Employee badge coordination and the bridge between a new security system and the old security system
  • Network switch port capacity inventory
  • Plan and validate relocation of current switch inventory while maintaining connectivity at old locationWe then validated the master list of equipment to be relocated or purchased new, including phones, computers, laptops, faxes, printers, scanners, etc. and their new locations.

We also managed, scheduled, and verified the installation of new network and telephone equipment in the new technology rooms and spaces.In addition to technology we also worked with the selected move planners and movers to define the packing, tagging, staging, and time for the relocation of all the PC’s, fax machines, printer, phones, monitors, etc. Our role was to identify any gaps in their plan to ensure all tasks are captured.Our team also coordinated the scheduling and delivery of any specialty IT spaces with the general contractor to ensure that these spaces were delivered when required to meet the move schedule. The specialty IT spaces mainly consisted of secured areas for specific bank processes and were outside the typical specification for services.

We provided an onsite presence during all moves and helped establish and manage a command center
with the move planner and movers. We specifically provided:

  • Weekly status reports on the installation progress
  • Plan and manage the process for the physical connection of PC’s, faxes, and printers from device to wall outlet
  • Site readiness inspections
  • Coordination of ancillary items such as monitor arms or any other technology related equipment
  • Move day issue logs and managed remediation requests for technology issues
  • Printer testing coordination
  • Verification of phones and conference lines inbound and outbound
  • Verify that telephones, voicemail and directories have been configured and set up properly by the Owner or contractor

Circuit coordination was a large part of our scope. We contacted all Partners and established schedule, cut over requirements, and any testing parameters. We developed the cutover minute by minute plans, hosted team meetings, and resolved issues relating to the multiple cutovers and scheduling conflicts. We were also onsite to support the 10+ Partner circuit installations, inspections, cutover, and validation.Beyond network technology we performed site inspections of all AV sources including training, conference, huddle, teleconference, and video conference areas. This effort included coordinating the training and materials for new conference rooms and AV systems. Providing a synopsis of what the employees should expect between the old systems and new systems. Site inspections, validation of equipment function and presence of appropriate user guides. Quantities and location of Polycom conference phones were also coordinated from the old site to the new building. The last challenge was to coordinate making conference rooms available for booking via Exchange across the old and new site during the overlapping move of staff.

Project Team

EDI is providing audio-visual consulting, acoustical consulting, communications network consulting, and security consulting under RNL design for the new headquarters.

  • Architect: RNL Design
  • MEP: MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Program Manager: Jones Lang LaSalle
  • General Contractor: Adolphson & Peterson


EDI Services

As the technology consultant, EDI is providing the following consulting and design services:

  • Programming/Needs Analysis
  • Audio-Visual Consulting
  • Acoustical Consulting
  • Communications Network Consulting
  • Security System Consulting and Design
  • Construction Administration
Project Size
approx. 200,000 SF

Project Cost
$88.5 million

Technology Cost
$6.1 million