eBay – Project Mercury

Phoenix, AZ

EDI was the prime design consultant for the architectural, MEP, and technology systems for eBay’s Modular Data Center called Project Mercury. EDI developed and managed the winning team of engineers and architectural firms to provide design and engineering for one of the most efficient data centers in the world. eBay chose EDI for the simplicity of their state-of-the-art data center design, and their ability to provide free cooling year round in Phoenix, AZ.

Data Center

The high-density data center utilizes 8,000 SF of raised-floor space on the first floor and accommodate up to 12 server-filled containers on the roof. While the design details are confidential, highlights include:

  • Free year-round cooling for the computing equipment even at desert temperatures reaching 119F
  • Equipment purchases based on lowest lifetime energy consumption with eBay-type work load
  • Modular design that anticipates and enables future growth and technology changes
  • Alignment of facilities and IT that has cut capital and operating costs by 50%
Project Team

eBay selected EDI and their partners out of 37 responses and 6 finalists to design their new data center.

  • Architect: Winter Street Architects
  • MEP Engineer: AHA Consulting Engineers
  • Structural: CTS Structural Engineers
  • Contractor: DPR Construction

“This has been an extremely interesting process for us with an unexpected result. EDI, a small company that we had never even heard of before, was able to meet all of the challenging requirements we had proposed to the industry through the Modular RFP process in a cost effective, simple design.”
– Dean Nelson, Global Foundation, eBay


Project Size
16,000 SF

Project Completion