Georgia State University Library Transformation

Atlanta, GA

The Georgia State University (GSU) Library Transformation project was a comprehensive renovation of two library buildings at the very heart of campus. The completed project now provides easier access to more resources, the newest technology and improved services, a variety of study spaces, an information commons, and a learning commons.

EDI provided comprehensive acoustical consulting, including room modeling, treatment specifications, rated fenestration specifications and acoustic-related construction details

EDI surveyed and assessed the cabling infrastructure in both Library North and Library South, determined what upgrades were necessary to support current and anticipated university library technology, and produced a programming report summarizing the necessary changes and offering a tentative budget.

Our work included design and construction services for cabling throughout the facilities, wireless access points, and acoustic analysis and recommendations for study carrels, stairwells, consultation rooms, training rooms, instruction laboratories, and media viewing areas.

Project Size
300,000 SF (2 buildings)

Technology Cost

Project Completion