What Are Your Data Center Concerns?

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By: Jeremy Gilbertson


Data center decisions are complex. Data center growth can be a moving target. The market is littered with countless solutions that have potential to either solve your challenges or introduce risk and inefficiency. Our job is to apply our expertise, communicate with the market and find solutions that meet your challenges.

As IT, Facilities and Executives work to solve the puzzle, they are confronted with questions like:

    • Does my current data center portfolio meet the growing demands of my business?
    • Are there opportunities to consolidate data center assets to increase flexibility and reduce risk?
    • Are there any gaps between Disaster Recovery expectations and actual capabilities?
    • Is our current risk profile aligned with our IT resources, capabilities and budgets?
    • Will outsourcing free up my talent to pursue initiatives that will drive innovation and growth?
    • How long can my existing facilities support our business requirements?

The best data center decisions are anchored by a well vetted statement of requirements and accurate technical and financial data. Finding the best solution starts with an intimate understanding of the business, IT organization and technology. Our combination of holistic IT expertise, MEP critical infrastructure knowledge and strategic planning experience will make sure you have the best information to make critical business decisions.


Data Center Program Development and TCO-based Options Analysis